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Presently DannyB has 4 of his songs that have been accepted on USA Patriotism's Website:
A Decade Ago,
Now's Our Time,
That Black Wall

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We Remember

We Remember CD DannyB's newest album,WE REMEMBER is a 10 song CD full of emotion evoking tributes to Veterans. Anyone serving in combat will relate to the cover song We Remember as its lyrics talks about the fear felt, the longing for home and the names of the fallen brothers and sisters. Also on this CD is a musical rendition of the poem by A. Lawrence Vaincourt, A Soldier Died Today (Just A Common Soldier). DannyB's creative ability has taken this poem from 1987 and transformed it to a powerfully emotional song about our forgotten soldiers once they are reaching the end of their day. Other songs on the album are This Is My Rifle, from the infamous drill instructor's rant of "This is your rifle, this is your gun" which most soldiers will understand! Imagine It's You is a song about our homeless veterans, while a couple of the songs are re-releases adding rich instrumentals that flow with the lyrics. These comments cover only a few of the wonderful songs DannyB has on this fantastic charity album. The proceeds go to not for profit veteran and wounded warrior organizations, and those proceeds are split with organization where DannyB performs for fundraising events. (for a listing of organizations, please contact us via email)

This title is available as a physical or digital album. Physical CDs may be purchased through this website, CD Baby, and Amazon. Digital albums and individual songs may be purchased and downloaded through all major digital distributors, including iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD Baby, Rhapsody and more.

DannyB states: "I hope that you enjoy this album. Please know that your purchase is helping all Veterans, as proceeds for each album goes directly to Veterans and Wounded Warrior organizations."

Listen to the songs on WE REMEMBER

Listen to a portion of each of the 10 songs on this amazing CD. Click HERE to go to the music!

June 11-15, 2014 Pembroke Park, NY

This is what's coming in June. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial and many other tribute walls will be part of this Cost of Freedom Tribute (COFT) being sponsored by the Oakfield-Alabama American Legion Post 626 . Make your plans to visit now! DannyB will be performing a mini-concert after the opening ceremony on June 12th @ 1:30pm. Stay tuned for more details.

Pembroke, NY -  Cost of Freedom Tribute