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Presently DannyB has 4 of his songs that have been accepted on USA Patriotism's Website:
A Decade Ago,
Now's Our Time,
That Black Wall

Songs For Our Military Heroes, and that's exactly what DannyB (Danny Barnes) writes and performs. DannyB is a Vietnam Veteran, singer/songwriter recording artist, songs for our Veterans, military service personnel and for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

He has written and co-written numerous songs about and for our country’s veterans. This is DannyB’s way of healing from the Vietnam War where he was in a combat infantry brigade. His latest album We Remember (11/2013) is a 10 song CD. The album We Remember is dedicated to all of America’s Military Heroes. This collection of songs are an emotion evoking tribute to all our Veterans and Military Service Personnel. Proceeds are given to various veteran and wounded warrior organizations.

DannyB is well known for his performances in the Upstate New York area for opening ceremonies at locations where the various traveling Vietnam Veteran Memorial replicas are displayed; patriotic events and many wounded warrior and veteran fundraisers. DannyB also performs at many military reunions throughout the country, helping his fellow brothers and sisters heal as well.

New Release!

I'm Coming Home

DannyB newest song written for our Veterans coming home now and the issues they face. Release date is Veterans Day, November 11, 2014. Available for download from all major digital distributors.

We Remember

We Remember CD WE REMEMBER is a 10 song CD full of emotion evoking tributes to Veterans. DannyB states: "I hope that you enjoy this album. Please know that your purchase is helping all Veterans, as proceeds for each album goes directly to Veterans and Wounded Warrior organizations. (for a listing of organizations, please contact us via e-mail)

A Soldier Died Today

One song off the album is A Soldier Died Today. This song is from the original poem of © A Lawrence Vaincourt. DannyB has created the music and arranged the lyrics for song. The song explains the life of a veteran, and that they expect nothing for what they have done for our country, yet we owe them a great deal of respect and gratitude.

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